Showing Property

Showing Property

First impressions count and can make or break a sale.
A few things to consider for viewings:


People forget about the outside of their property but first
impressions are as much about the outside as they are
the inside.

  • Remove litter
  • Don’t have bins over flowing, ensure the lids are on
  • Keep the entrance clean and tidy
  • Ensure entry phones and door bells work
  • Fences, bushes & hedges should be trimmed and in good repair
  • Gates function and are in good repair
  • Snow hides a multitude of sins but still ensure you keep your exterior clean and tidy, even in a ski resort


Potential buyers should walk in to a tidy, clean property so make an effort to leave your house as clean and tidy as you possibly can. We realise this can be hard day in day out, but your efforts will bear dividends. We recommend:

  • Temperature: it is vital this is right. Warm in the winter, especially in a ski resort and cool in the summer.
  • Light a fireplace if you have one as this adds to the character of the property and could make the sale.
  • Smells can kill a sale. Pets stink and owners can be oblivious to the affect household pets have on the odour of a property. Be aware! Avoid the use of air freshners. Open windows, perhaps carpet clean but just ensure your house does not smell of animals.
  • Hallways are tidy. Many properties are within residences where communal areas are often full of junk mail and piles of post. If you want to sell your property, tidy up. The hallway is the first and last place a buyer sees.
  • All beds are made and bedrooms are tidy
  • Ensure washing is out of sight
  • Towels are put neatly in bathrooms, not left on floors or over the bath
  • All bedroom, bathroom & kitchen bins are emptied
  • Kitchen sinks are clean and empty of dirty dishes
  • Sofas are puffed and cushions are left neat and welcoming
  • Maximize natural light by opening curtains in all rooms
  • Flowers left out on display in the sitting room and kitchen keep things fresh


So many owners provide dreadful pictures for us to use for the sale of their property.  Dark, untidy, badly taken pictures are of no use to us (sorry!).

Let us take the pictures and please, please ensure your property is clean, neat and tidy for the purpose.  Thank you!