Marketing Property


Marketing Property

Effective marketing will sell property.

Specific to your property, we will ensure that:

  • We take professional digital photos for window and website usage
  • If you don’t have a floor plan we can produce one (for a fee)
  • Our team view the property and familiarise themselves with it
  • We write the property details that are sent to you for approval prior to use
  • We display your property in our office and on our website
  • We distribute to our network of partner agents


  • When we designed our website, our main focus was ease of navigation coupled with a simple layout. We realise our site is an effective marketing tool so understand the importance of communicating your property successfully.
  • We post your property on our website at showing the property details, floor plan and colour photographs

Our Office

  • During the winter months, the majority of enquiries come from walk-ins so we have invested in our Val d’Isere resort office.
  • The exterior is heavily branded giving us a powerful high street presence.
  • The interior is a modern finish with a separate meeting room.
  • Our window displays A3 property sheets with large full-colour photography.
  • Our interior displays are also A3 showing properties effectively.
  • We move properties around to encourage repeat visits.
  • All company vehicles are branded; a powerful marketing tool.

Communicating your property

  • As soon as we sign your property, we communicate the details to potential buyers. We either email or post details to buyers who match your property criteria. We work hard to ensure we use our expertise to match available properties with potential buyers without wasting time or missing opportunities.


  • Property cannot be sold without a viewing. These are a key part of the selling process and we conduct all viewings with our clients. It is advisable to give us a set of keys to ensure we can gain access to the property as and when required. Any delays or problems with access can be a potential barrier to a buyer so we recommend immediate viewing on enquiry.
  • We carefully guard your keys in a locked cupboard, so rest assured they are securely stored.

Press & PR

  • Our advertising is designed to drive as many people as we can to view your property. We place ads in: local publications in our 3 main areas & UK publications (both press & magazine).
  • Our public relations activity gives us access to leading property journalists who help us market our service through powerful press coverage.

Keeping you up to date

  • We promise to keep you informed of events as they unfold. You won’t be left in the dark, as we understand how important it is to keep track of developments.