Maintaining Property

Maintaining Property

Surveyors are not typical in the French system so an ‘Expert’ can be contracted to act on your behalf. We recommend this with older and freestanding buildings. In the case of apartment blocks this responsibility lies with the ‘syndic’ and ‘co prop’ (co owners) who manage the property.

Ensure your property is sound and will pass all inspections by checking the following:


Boilers should be checked annually and replaced every 10 years. Consider replacing old radiators as buyers will be looking for the most heat efficient and cost effective systems.


Whatever type of roof you have, double check everything is where it should be.

Drains & Gutters

Keep drains & gutters clear of debris that could cause a blockage.


All wiring should conform to the country standard and should be checked at least every 8-10 years.


This is a huge problem for any seller and condensation is a common problem in small ski apartments as ventilation is poor. Penetration damp can also appear in old buildings. If you have any issues, you should look to resolve this prior to selling your property as it certainly won’t pass any inspection and you will find it hard to sell the property.