Kickstart Your Sale

Kickstart Your Sale

Once you have decided to place your property on the market, you need to be prepared. We have drawn up a basic checklist to ensure you are ready to start selling your property.


The first thing you need to do is employ a notaire. This person is the equivalent to a Solicitor. We work with English speaking French notaries. Ask us for contact details if you need assistance in finding one. Refer to The Selling Process for more information.

Floor Plan

Essential for prospective buyers.


Find and make available all paperwork to do with your property. This should include:


If you don’t have these, your Notaire will have to apply for them, which could take weeks, so ensure you get them as soon as you decide to sell your property.


For roof work, flooring, plumbing, electrical or structural work you may have been given.

Planning Permission

If you have changed the structure of your property during your ownership. Under French law this is essential for the buyer to see.

Letting Agent

If applicable, let your letting agent know you plan to sell your property and ensure you have no contractual obligations you may not be able to get out of.

Management Agent

If applicable, let your management agent know you plan to sell your property to ensure they can give access to keys and if necessary, available to do any work required to prepare the property for viewing.